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lover of the light and details. health and happiness. exploring. compassionate and crueltyfree lifestyle. vegan for ethical reasons. currently located in germany.
i believe in equality.
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“ I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I appreciate rawness so much. ”

— Emery Allen (via unmaiden)

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hellloou :) just being curious : do you always eat dinner that early? Aren't you getting hungry again later? Because I can eat at 7pm and get hungry again at like 10pm even when I had a big dinner.. Hope you had a nice day!

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hey :) my dinner time usually is between 6-7pm :) i don’t get hungry after this unless i stay up really late!

did you eat enough for lunch and breakfast? i tend to be hungry after dinner if i didn’t eat enough calories earlier in the day!

but if i am hungry late in the evening i eat! there’s no difference for the body :)
If it needs energy, we should give energy —> food!

When the weather gets cold into fall i find myself slipping into a depressed mood and suffering from insomnia. I am bipolar so this might have something to do with it. Even though it happens every year i feel like i can't help myself anymore. My life is not even bad. I just forget how to enjoy things and i can't talk to friends or finish projects. I sometimes forget to eat and i don't sleep. It scares me that it is starting. I can't live in this cycle anymore

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have you tried to reach out to someone? find someone you trust and tell them about it! you mum, your doctor a friend or even a teacher!
the fall time, especially the november is a hard time for everyone with psychological issues! i heard it from a lot of friends and i even notice that my mood isn’t as great as in the summertime! but the days will be longer and christmas is waiting! it’s really important to focus on the nice things now: soups, tea, hot chocolate, long walks, more time to read!

Maybe if you open up to someone about this, you’ll find someone that shares this feeling and you can help each other out :)

but please: reach out for help! you don’t have to deal with this alone!


soup for dinner 🍵 #vegan

when yoy make porridge what do you cook in / top with? I need ideas :)

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i love oatmeal!

if i cook something in it:
plantbased milk, maca, carrot/zucchini, cinnamon, chai tea, chia seeds, flaxseeds, raisins, dates

toppings: banana is a must, but every kind of fruit works! i also like dried fruits and granola, you can add nuts and nut butters, coconut and tahini and all kinds of “superfoods” like goji berries or hemp seeds :)

so is 75g a cup? (of oats heh)

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a cup of oats is about 90g, so it’s a little less :) but a cup of oats is a good amount for a breakfast :)

“ An Old Soul finds disinterest in activities of their own age group. They feel as though they need not to participate, because they have in fact experienced this before. Therefore, an Old Soul will most likely be quite independent, often a wanderlust, because he or she will feel bounded to experience their unknown. Often to be confused with loneliness, but in fact not. Because this Old Soul has the love of thousands of beings and lifetimes before. ”

Love yourself for not all others will love you.

But you are love in the flesh.



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“ Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did. ”

(107/365) by (DS)

i really, really like this.

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“ Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony. ”

— Douglas Coupland, Shampoo Planet (via kushandwizdom)


Almost Real came to visit my studio; we spoke early beginnings, petting stranger’s dogs and my favourite moments this year so far. This interview is image-heavy so prepare your eyeballs for all of my secret studio nooks and to familiarise yourself with my very intimate creative space.

See It All Here

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“ The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes. ”

— Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening  (via sk-cum)

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